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Summer Theatre in the Open Air
Venues around Somerset Tues 15th – Sat 26th July - details HERE

From the director, Rachel Buttell: "Last year I was faced with the three most exciting questions of my amateur dramatic career:
"Will you direct the Summer Tour?"
"Will you choose the Shakespeare comedy?"
"Are you willing to work under the auspices of the Royal Shakespeare Company?"
The answers to all were a resounding "Yes!" - I may have jumped up and down a little.
But why The Taming of the Shrew? After all, it's notoriously "difficult". It's based around a man who tames his wife. If that presumption weren't enough, he goes on to use some very suspect methods!
Or does he?
The play bears closer scrutiny than this rather simplistic summary would suggest. In our western post sexual revolution society, there's more to this plot than a battle of the sexes. It's about a war against conformity, a mutual understanding between equal intellects and a possible recipe for a happy marriage. No, really.
At the simplest level, this has all those Shakespeare favourites; suspect servants, bumbling suitors, young romantic leads, identity swaps and some of the most seductive and witty dialogue to exist anywhere in Shakespeare.
We hope to see you there."

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