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Dial M for Murder
Frederick Knott

Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton, 7th – 11th March 2017
Set in 1954, a time when marriage was for life and murder could mean a brief meeting with the hangman, this taut thriller introduces us to a married couple, Sheila and Tony Wendice, and Sheila’s friend Max Halliday, a TV murder story writer.
All seems very friendly, but behind the scenes one of them is planning the Perfect Murder. Is it possible? Or will the hangman have the final say?
Tony Wendice Rob Adam
Sheila Wendice Laura Burrow
Max Halliday Alan Coles
Captain Lesgate Michael Gilbert
Chief Inspector Hubbard Brian Lewis
(Detective & Voices off) Michael Gilbert
Director Mike Linham
Producer Dave Levi
Stage Manager Vin Cunningham
       - assisted by Lizzie Kinighton
       - assisted by Rebecca Beard
Lighting & Sound John Cunningham
       - assisted by Conor Gilbert
Set Michael Gilbert
       - assisted by Ray Court
       - assisted by Des Pollard
       - assisted by Conor Gilbert
Wardrobe Rose Humphreys
Props Vin Cunningham
       - assisted by Dave Levi
Fight arranger Stuart Lyddon
Prompt Des Pollard
Hair & Make-up Clare Newman
       - assisted by Charlotte Newman
Poster design Peter McGuire
Publicity Nicola Dawson
FOH Manager Jane Edwards
Van driver Michael Gilbert
Stage Door Keeper Wendy Beavan