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The Two Gentlemen of Verona
William Shakespeare

On Tour at stunning outdoor venues across Somerset
From the 10th - 21st of July 2018
Open Auditions Monday 12th March & Wednesday 14th March 7.30pm
At The Place, Wilfred Road, Taunton TA1 1TB

Character breakdown & audition pieces
The director, Alison Haines, has put together the following breakdown of the speaking parts in the production, and chosen audition pieces. There's no need to learn or bring these, but it might help you choose which role you want to go for. A full script is also avilable here.
The Men
Proteus – a young “gentleman” of Verona who starts out in love with Julia but ditches her when he meets his best friend’s fiancée, Silvia. He pursues her in a very ungentlemanly way. N. B. This actor will sing on stage. Audition pieces
Valentine – Proteus’s best friend with whom he has grown up. He behaves marginally better than Proteus but is not above a bit of deception and skulduggery himself. Audition pieces.
Launce – Proteus’s man servant, owner of (and not very good master to) Crab, the dog. Launce has some very long speeches and many of the best comic lines, age is immaterial but he needs to be a dog lover (or at least liker). Audition pieces.
Speed – Valentine’s quick (or slow) witted man servant, shares with Launce most of the comedy, any age. Audition pieces.
Duke of Milan – Silvia’s father, authoritative character, wealthy, influential and full of his own importance. Audition pieces.
Antonio/Outlaw - Father to Proteus and master to Panthino plus one of a (small but very select!) band of unruly and desperate outlaws…….they wish! Audition pieces.
Panthino/Outlaw – Servant to Antonio and another outlaw, any age. Audition pieces.
Thurio – a rich, foppish and very foolish suitor for Silvia’s hand, he is favoured by the Duke but loathed and despised by Silvia, small but good comedy role, any age. Audition pieces.
Sir Eglamour – There are two characters in the play with the same name. The first is one of Julia’s suitors who we never meet. The second is a (true) gentleman who escorts Silvia on her flight to find the banished Valentine. Probably a more mature man. Audition pieces.
Host/Outlaw – the host of a tavern in Milan and an outlaw (in the second outlaw encounter). Audition pieces.
The Ladies
Julia – a young lady of Verona, beloved of Proteus, disguises herself as a boy to follow Proteus. Audition pieces.
Silvia – a young lady of Milan, daughter of the Duke and beloved of Valentine, more sophisticated and worldly wise than Julia and possibly a little older in years also. Audition pieces.
Lucetta – lady’s maid/companion to Julia, ideally a more mature woman than the others. This one knows a thing or two. Audition pieces.
And I mustn’t neglect to mention Crab, Launce’s dog who may have been cast already so, if you have always fancied playing a dog, I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed.
And don't forget our production from the 6th-10th of March of Tim Firth's The Safari Party. Full details are here