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This is a search facility for the Taunton Thespians website. It uses Orca (see link below) to provide a more immediate and relevant set of results than Google, Yahoo or other more general tools You can search by any key word or number. Try it now! Type in your own name, or the title of a play you think we might have done, or a year. You don't have to put the whole thing in, just one or two words. Be careful, though. Searching for "John" will find quite a few people, whereas "vivat" just the one play. Almost all the cast and crew lists are updated and indexed, and the hard slog of creating an individual page for every member, past and present, is under way. This isn't just a record of those who have performed, but as comprehensive as it can be, recording all the contributions made to the creation of shows throughout the history of Taunton Thespians