John Fidell

Year Play Rôle(s)
2004 The Hound of the Baskervilles Adapter & Director; Set Design
2003 Move Over Mrs Markham Stage Manager
2003 A Midsummer Night's Dream Nick Bottom
2003 Comic Potential The Doctor; The Farmer; Man in dress shop; Turkey
2002 Time and Time Again Director
2001 Diversions 1 Ian
2001 Funny Money ASM
2000 Nude with Violin DSM
2000 Peril at End House Hercule Poirot
1999 Turn of the Screw Assistant Director; Stage Manager
1997 The Crucible John Proctor
1997 Cinquepace Lovell
1996 When did you last see your trousers? Neighbour
1995 Journey's End Lieutenant Osborne
1994 Up'n'Under Frank Rowley
1993 As You Like It Dr Rance
1992 As You Like It Touchstone, from the Accounts Department
1982 Travesties Bennett