Kathleen Marfell

Year Play Rôle(s)
1970 Great Expectations Miss Havisham
1967 The Happiest Days of Your Life Miss Evelyn Whitchurch
1965 Blithe Spirit Assistant Stage Manager
1965 Goodnight Mrs Puffin Producer
1964 Spider's Web Mildred Peake
1963 Waiting in the Wings Producer; Topsy Baskerville
1963 Salad Days Heloise; Anthea
1962 The Brontës Producer
1962 Romanoff and Juliet Assistant Stage Manager
1962 The Garden of Adonis Lady Vaughan
1961 Breath of Spring Producer
1960 Not In The Book Producer
1960 The Fruits of Knowledge Lady Melton
1959 Dear Delinquent Producer
1959 Julius Caesar Stage Manager
1959 An Italian Straw Hat Piano Accompaniment
1959 The Vigil Lady Procula, the Governor's wife; Stage Manager & Assistant Producer
1958 The Reluctant Debutante Stage Manager
1958 Life with the Girls Producer
1957 The Book of the Month Joanna Halliday
1956 Witness for the Prosecution Stage Manager
1956 Worlds Apart Penelope Simmering (Jean's mother)
1956 The Noble Spaniard Assistant Stage Manager
1956 The Confidential Clerk Lady Elizabeth Mulhammer
1955 Two Gentlemen of Verona Stage Staff
1955 The Applecart Producer
1955 Ring Round the Moon Sound Effects
1954 The River Line Stage Gang
1954 Waters of the Moon Mrs Whyte
1951 A Midsummer Night's Dream Helena, in love with Demetrius
1951 Mary Blake Producer
1951 Playbill Producer
1950 Ten Little Niggers Producer
1950 Tony Muriel
1949 The First Gentleman Miss Cornelia Knight
1949 Tony Muriel
1949 The Winslow Boy Grace Winslow
1948 The Shop at Sly Corner Producer
1948 Frieda Eleanor Dawson
1947 Vanity Fair Miss Crawley
1947 Quiet Weekend Mildred Royd
1946 Rebecca Mrs Danvers
1945 Whiteoaks Augusta, Lady Buckley
1944 Rookery Nook Clara Popkiss
1944 The Middle Watch Lady Hewitt
1943 Quiet Wedding Mildred Royd
1941 Full House Frynne Rodney
1938 The Scarlet Pimpernel Comtesse de Tournai
1937 Indoor Fireworks The Marchioness of York
1937 A School for Coquettes Lady Amaranthe Allwill
1937 Distinguished Gathering Lady Thalia Wilmer
1936 A Damsel in Distress Alice Faraday
1935 A Hundred Years Old Dona Marciala
1934 The House With the Twisty Windows Anne Sorrell
1933 Berkeley Square Marjorie Frant
1932 The Rising Generation Member of the Orchestra (as Miss K Marfell)