Martin Peters

Year Play Rôle(s)
2006 Jane Eyre Sound; Lighting
2005 Taking Steps Sound Design
2005 Wyrd Sisters Sound
2005 Much Ado About Nothing Lights
2004 A Comedy of Errors ASM Sound
2004 New Place and Time Sound
2003 A Midsummer Night's Dream Lighting & Sound
2003 Thermal Underwear Sound
2003 The Audition Sound
2002 Merry Wives of Windsor Sound
2002 Time and Time Again Lighting Design; Lighting operation
2001 The Accrington Pals Lighting Design; Sound Design & Operation
2001 The Law is an Ass Sound
2001 Twelfth Night Technical Manager
2001 Funny Money Lighting Design & Operation, Sound Operation
2000 Nude with Violin Lighting Design; Lighting Operation; Sound Operation