Joy Reason

Year Play Rôle(s)
2008 An Ideal Husband Prompt
2008 Talking Heads Prompt
2008 The Rivals Rehearsal Prompt
2008 Suddenly At Home Prompt
2007 Cash On Delivery Prompt
2007 Tom Jones Rehearsal Prompt
2007 Jekyll and Hyde Prompt
2007 People Who Live in Boxes Prompt
2006 Murdered to Death Prompt
2006 The Music Lovers Prompt
2006 The Happy Journey Prompt
2006 Jane Eyre Prompt (Rehearsals)
2006 There Goes The Bride Prompt
2005 Wyrd Sisters Prompt; Assistant to Director
2005 The Ghost Train Prompt
2005 Sherlock's Excellent Adventure Prompt
2004 The Hound of the Baskervilles Prompt
2003 Move Over Mrs Markham Prompt
2003 Thermal Underwear Prompt
2003 Comic Potential Prompt
2002 The Anniversary Prompt
2002 Time and Time Again Prompt
2001 The Accrington Pals Prompt
2001 Funny Money Prompt
2000 Nude with Violin Prompt
2000 Peril at End House Prompt
1999 Turn of the Screw Prompt
1999 Keeping Down With The Joneses Prompt
1998 Communicating Doors Prompt
1998 Valued Friends Prompt
1998 See How They Run ASM
1997 Arsenic and Old Lace ASM
1997 Woman in a Dressing Gown Prompt
1997 The Crucible Prompt
1997 Worm's Eye View ASM
1996 When did you last see your trousers? Prompt
1996 The Children's Hour Prompt