Nigel Stuart-Thorn

Originally credited as Nigel Thorn
Year Play Rôle(s)
2011 Tourist Office Elderly Tourist
2008 An Ideal Husband Guest
1967 Ladies in Retirement Albert Feather
1966 The Private Ear and the Public Eye: The Private Ear Ted
1965 Hobson's Choice Albert Prosser
1964 Spider's Web Jeremy Warrender
1964 A Taste of Honey Peter
1963 Salad Days Don; Fosdyke; Theatregoer; Tom Smith; Pressman; Electrode
1962 Dry Rot Alfred Tubbe, a Bookmaker
1961 Teahouse of the August Moon Sergeant Gregovitch
1961 The Deep Blue Sea Jackie Jackson
1961 Meet Me By Moonlight Perkins, the Butler
1960 Fools Paradise Julius Caxton
1960 The Fruits of Knowledge Armstrong Pennyfeather
1959 Dear Delinquent Scenery assistant
1959 Julius Caesar Titinius; Ensemble
1959 The Vigil The Guard
1959 An Italian Straw HatBoby, the Bride's cousin
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