Wilfred Westlake

Year Play Rôle(s)
1951 A Midsummer Night's Dream Puck or Robin Goodfellow; Master of the Greensward
1939 Hay Fever Simon Bliss; Producer
1939 Tovarich Chauffourier-Dubieff
1938 The Scarlet Pimpernel Chauvelin; Associate Producer
1937 Indoor Fireworks Teddy; Co-producer
1937 A School for Coquettes Adapted work for the stage; Producer
1937A Room in the Tower Adapted work for the stage
1937 Distinguished GatheringEliot Richard Vines
1936 The Sickness of SalomeAuthor; Producer
1936 A Damsel in Distress Percy, Viscount Totleigh
1935 The Vision at the Inn Producer
1935 Villa for Sale Producer
1935 A Hundred Years Old Don Evaristo
1934 Hay Fever Richard Greatham; Business committee
1934 King's Pawn The Exile
1933 Berkeley SquareMr Throstle
1932 The Rising Generation Walter Morrell
1931 The Admirable Crichton John