John Wilkins

Year Play Rôle(s)
1975 The Rivals Set Design
1975 Abelard & Heloise Bernard of Clairvaux
1971 The Beaux' Stratagem Director
1970 Man and Superman Assisting in set design & construction
1970 An Inspector Calls Scenic Assistant
1970 The Lion in Winter Set building
1969 Wait Until Dark Set Design & Construction
1969 A Penny for a Song Scenic Assistant
1969 All My Sons Set Design & Construction
1968 Tom Jones Scenic Assistant
1967 Dandy Dick Set design
1965 Blithe Spirit Directing Scenery construction & painting
1965 Hobson's Choice Directing Scenery construction & painting
1964 The Irregular Verb to Love Scenic Assistant
1964 The Amorous Prawn Stage Director
1963 Salad Days Producer
1963 Simple Spymen Stage Director; scenery construction
1962 Romanoff and Juliet Stage Director
1962 The Garden of Adonis Stage Director
1962 The Brontës Mr W. E. Williams
1962 Dry Rot Scenic Assistant
1961 Teahouse of the August Moon Producer
1961 The Deep Blue Sea Stage Director
1960 The Chalk Garden Scenery construction
1960 The Fruits of Knowledge Scenery construction
1959 Julius Caesar A Soothsayer; Artemidorus; Stage Director
1959 The House by the Lake Stage Director
1959 The Vigil The Judge; Producer
1959 Dear Delinquent Stage Director
1957 The Merchant of Venice The Duke of Venice
1957 The School for Scandal Producer
1957 Sabrina Fair Linus Larrabee
1956 Witness for the Prosecution 3rd Barrister; Scenery Construction and Stage Staff
1956 The Noble Spaniard Producer
1956 The Confidential Clerk Stage Director
1956 Reluctant Heroes Stage Staff and Scenery Construction
1955 A Murder Has Been Arranged Scenery construction
1955 Two Gentlemen of Verona Stage Director
1955 As Long As They're Happy Stage Director; Scenery construction
1955 The Applecart Scenic Assistant and Stage Gang
1954 Waters of the Moon Producer
1951 A Midsummer Night's Dream Producer
1951 Playbill Setting constructon and painting
1949 The First Gentleman Producer
1949 The Winslow Boy Co-Producer
1949 After The Deluge Producer
1948 Shall We Join the Ladies Producer
1948 Frieda Co-Producer
1947 Vanity Fair Co-Producer
1946 This Happy Breed Associate Producer
1946 Rebecca Producer
1945 They Came to a City Producer
1945 Busman's Honeymoon Stage Manager
1945 Whiteoaks Mr Patton
1944 Robert's Wife Scene building and design
1944 Rookery Nook Producer
1943 Arms and the Man Producer
1943 Laburnum Grove Registrar
1943 Quiet Wedding Registrar
1942 Ebb Tide Dr Clive Graham, MD
1940 Full House First Policeman


Tovarich Producer
1938 The Scarlet Pimpernel Producer
1937 Indoor Fireworks Joint Producer
1937 Distinguished GatheringProducer
1936 First Instalment Producer
1936 A Damsel in Distress Producer
1935 A Hundred Years Old Producer
1935 And So To Bed (Act II) Producer
1934 Send Her Victorious Producer
1934 King's Pawn Co-author & Producer
1934 Hay Fever Producer
1933 Berkeley Square Producer
1932 The Rising GenerationProducer
1931 The Admirable Crichton Producer
1930 Shall We Join The Ladies? Producer
1930 Ambrose Applejohn’s Adventure Pirate
1929 The Professor's Love Story Stage Manager