A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
adapted by Brian Way

The Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, Taunton, 7th – 11th December 1982
Ebenezer Scrooge Tony Lister
Young Scrooge; Helmsman; 1st Business man Howard Wander
Boy Scrooge; 1st Errand Boy; A Lad Adrian New
Jacob Marley; 2nd Wealthy Businessman Ken Stark
Bob Cratchit Colin Craggs
Mrs Cratchit Florence Evans
Tiny Tim Michael Clarke
Belinda Cratchit Samantha Dawson
Martha Cratchit Pippa Storey
Peter Cratchit; 2nd Errand Boy Tim Storey
Fan (Scrooge’s sister) Ruth Gooding
Ghost of Christmas Past Wendy Stark
Ghost of Christmas Present; Big Businessman Ken Pitchers
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come Rose Sweeting
Fred (Scrooge’s Nephew); 3rd Voice; 2nd Businessman Tony Brown
Fred’s WifeTheresa Clarke
Topper; Schoolmaster; 1st Wealthy Businessman; Undertaker Mick Storey
Dick Wilkins; Collector Allen Broom
Dick’s Girlfriend Angela Barton
Dick’s Rival; Young Debtor; 3rd Businessman; Caroline’s Husband David Anscombe
Mr Fezziwig; 2nd Charity Man; Sailor Tom Hull
Mrs Fezziwig; 1st Elderly Woman; Laundress Thelma Wander
Miss Fezziwig Angela Widgery
Belle (Scrooge’s Fiancée); Plain Sister; Caroline Jennie Western
1st Charity Man; 2nd Voice, Joe John Burbery
1st Voice Bill Allsworth
2nd Elderly Woman; Mrs Dilber (Charwoman) Pearl Churchill
Pretty Sister Carol Burbery
Fiddler Nick Macrae
Carol Singers Mick Storey, David Anscombe, Allen Broom, Tom Hull, Tim Storey, Thelma Wander, Pearl Churchill, Angela Barton, Angela Widgery, Carol Burbery, Rose Sweeting, Theresa Clarke, Samantha Dawson, Ruth Gooding, Pippa Storey.
Directed by Patrick Sanders
Stage Manager Peter Faram
Assistant Stage Managers Avril Ross, Peter Ross
Floor Manager Bob Hudson
Lighting Martyn Trott
Assisted by Bill Perry, Jonathan Nash
Sound Andrew Wallace
Properties Elizabeth Scott, Deborah Chandler, Yvonne Kershaw, Dave Miller
Wardrobe Elsie Goldsmith, Margaret Sanders, Mary Yandall, Betty Lashbrook
Make-up Linda Howe
Hair Stylist Peggy Groves
Set Design and Construction Patrick Sanders
Assisted by Edward (Ted) Goldsmith, George Lashbrook, Alan Vaulter, John Fisher, Alan Norman, Pat Hudson
Publicity Artwork and Hand painted stage effect Doreen Lewis-Smith
Publicity Photographs Delmar Studios
Publicity Posters Bernard Gay
Loan of Furniture Bishop Fox’s School
Loan of Properties Taunton Amateur Operatic Society
Loan of Sundries County Stores