A Damsel in Distress by Ian Hay and P G Wodehouse

The Lyceum Theatre, Taunton, 17th – 19th February, 1936
(and there were no less than 17 stewards and 11 programme sellers!)
Mac (a Stage-door Keeper) Charles Cole
Billie Dore Pauline Clode
George Bevan Percy Olds
Lady Maud Marsh Pixie Way
Percy, Viscount Totleigh Wilfred Westlake
A Policeman Bernard Pearse
Albert Keggs James Archard
Albertina Keggs Gladys Young
Lady Caroline Higgins Barbara Spencer
The Earl of Marshmorton Robert Young
Alice Faraday Kathleen Marfell
Reggie Higgins David Archer
Dr Mossop, Dean of Dumbleton Eric Latham
Mrs Mossop Margaret Jenkin
Lady Prudence Willoughby Joan Lloyd
Captain Plummer John Went
Miss Mould Doris Barber
Austin Gray Charles Burrough
Chorus-Girls, Postman, Tourists, Ball-Guests, Footmen etc Molly Cole, Monica Parsons, Sheila Parsons, Eve Theakston, Joan Ward, Doreen Woodward, Ann Milburn, Elizabeth Young
Leslie Brown, Jack S Chambers, Colin Clements, Hugh Davie, Sam Dix, William Maynard, Arthur Norris, Denis Storey, David Smith, John Stapleton, Michael Ward, Tony Young
Produced by John Wilkins
Stage Manager Hugh Davie
Stage Carpenter Leslie Ellis
Property Men Arthur Norris and Denis Storey
Wardrobe Mistress Gladys Murray
Call Boy John Drinkwater
Orchestra conducted by Louis Hulatt