A Flea in Her Ear by Georges Feydeau
(translated by John Mortimer)

Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, Taunton, December 1984 
Camille Chandebise Howard Wander
Antoinette Plucheux Angela Stiles
Etienne Plucheux Richard Brown
Dr. Finache Robin Bush
Lucienne Homenides de Histangua Freda Storey
Raymonde Chanderbise Hilary Marshall
Victor Emmanuel Chanderbise John Carrington
Romain Tournel Stephen Morley
Carlos Homenides de Histangua Christopher Pollard
Eugénie Ros Mackie
Augustin Feraillon Hugh Bazley
Olympe Valerie Adam
Bapistin Alex Yandall
Herr Schwarz Harry McFaul
Poche John Carrington
Guests at the Hotel de Coq d’ Or John Burbery, Carol Burbery, Betty Donald & Anthony Brown
Directed by Christopher Pollard
Stage Manager Gill Salter
Assistant Stage Manager Valerie Rusell
John Fisher
Assisted by Allen Broom
Wardrobe Ella Hall
Wardrobe Consultant Gwen Wilkins
Properties Ursula Gray
Music  -  Offenbach’s Music arranged by Michael Haynes
Played by: Miranda Lisk, Rachel Acworth, April Prentice, Micheal Haynes
Hair Styling Consultant Anthony’s Hair Design Centre, Taunton
Set Design & Construction Jeremy Gray & Patrick Sanders
For designing programme artwork Doreen Lewis-Smith
For cast and production photographs Delmar Studio
For press photographs Alain Lockyer
For secretarial assistance Shirley Boobyer
For hand designed posters Bernard Gay
For erecting publicity billboards George Lashbrook
For display window Midland Bank
For antique telephone Mr. Povey, British Telecom Museum
For rehearsal facilities The Headmaster of Taunton School
For furniture Mrs Rachel Wilcox