A Midsummer-Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

Summer Tour, 2003
Theseus, Duke of Taunton Ron Roberts & Sefton Parke
Hippolyta, Barker-Poles Jacqueline Roberts
Hermia, in love with Lysander Cordelia Lonsdale
Helena, in love with Demetrius Olivia Mace
Egeus, father to Hermia Tony Venn
Lysander Ryan Yard
Demetrius Tony Leach
Phil O'Strate, revels master Adrian Lynch
Nick Bottom, a spiv John Fidell
Peter Quince, a carpenter Clive Linthorne
Snug, a fitter Ray Court
Francis Flute, a rat catcher Jason Carter
Tom Snout, "The Tires" Tony Venn
Robin Starveling, "The Grease" Adrian Lynch
Oberon, King of the Fairies Sefton Parke & Ron Roberts
Titania, Queen of the Fairies Nikki Court
Puck, a Sprite Dona Bullion
Peaseblossom, a fairy Emma Vickery
Cobweb, another fairy Stephanie Cowton
Moth, and another fairy Chloe Burt
Mustardseed, a fairy also Sasha Collard
Director Sefton Parke
Choreographer Diane Turner
Gaffer Ray Court
Assistant to Gaffer Tony Venn
Lighting & Sound Martin Peters
Director's Assistant Wendy Gliddon
Costumes Jacqueline Roberts, Emily Moore
Props Christell Craig, Emma Lonsdale
Front of House
Publicity Nicola Dawson, Lynn Henden, Ron Roberts
Business Manager Sally Stottard
Bar Manager Tony Beaven
Bar Assistants Tessa Sutton, Lynn Henden
Box Office Sandra Young, Christell Craig
Programme Sellers Members of the Society
Tour Manager Ron Roberts