A Murder Has Been Arranged, by Emlyn Williams

The Odeon Theatre, Taunton, 31st October – 5th November, 1955
Miss Groze Rosemary Labbett
Cavendish Geoffrey Mawson
Mrs Wragg Elsie Goldsmith
Jimmy North Arthur Moorhouse
Beatrice Jasper Mary Sansom
Mrs Arthur (her mother) Laura Steel
Sir Charles Jasper Alex Yandall
Maurice Mullins Kenneth Galloway
A Woman Vera Rich
Producer Kathleen Marshall
Stage Director Leonard Meux
Stage Manager Marjorie Galloway
Assistant Stage Manager Phyllis Brown
Wardrobe Mistress Kay Meux
Properties Adelaide Skinner and Gwen Wilkins
The Scenery designed by Leonard Meux
At the two pianos Geoffrey Mawson and Eileen Green
Lighting Peter Coombs
Assisted by Joseph Bass, John Dowell, Esther Rogers and Eve Taylor
Sound Equipment Hilda Chapman and Kathleen Poole
Call Girls Cynthia Brown, Janette Cridlin, Sandra Trood
The Scenery constructed by Leonard Meux, John Wilkins, John Lock, Pat Tytherleigh, Edward (Ted) Goldsmith, Neil Trood, Esther Rogers, Julie Thomas, Theresa Yells, Stephen Wilkins, Keith Jary, Elsie Goldsmith and Gwen Wilkins
Stage Staff Pat Routley, Sheila Durham, Charles Adams, Fred Cridlin, Edward (Ted) Goldsmith, Sydney Mearing and Len Hewitt
Stewards Directed by James Weaver
Programme Sellers Directed by Joan Broad