A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller

Corfield Hall, Taunton, 1975  (Programme undated)
Alfieri Robin Bush
Mike Ric Taylor
Louis Howard Wander
Eddie David Lea
Catherine Claire Smith
Beatrice Elsie Goldsmith
Tony Ray Stokes
Marco Peter Ross
Rudolfo Neil West
First Immigration Officer Tim Emmett
Second Immigration Officer Ric Taylor
Submarine Ray Stokes
Mr. Lipari John Emmett
Mrs. Lipari Nila Snazell
Directed by David Hughes
Lighting Ian Marfell
Stage Manager Yvonne Kershaw
Setting Simon Bowditch
Wardrobe Susan Jones & Linda Symonds
Assistant Stage Manager Jean Barrett
Properties Valerie Hooper
Sound John Reynolds
Set Construction John & Eileen Emmett
Front of House or Acknowledgments
House Manager Fred Woodroffe
Programme Sellers directed by Noreen Marfell
Box Office William Rich
Coffee Betty Lea & Marjorie Balman
For arranging and Playing the curtain music “Paper Doll” Eileen Thorpe
For use of electric organ Hamlyn’s Music Shop
For loan of Properties Maries Antiques