Acacia Avenue
by Mabel and Denis Constanduros

Memorial Hall, Taunton School, 10th – 13th April, 1946.
The first and last stage appearance by our illustrious current chairman, John Meikle?
Clara Robinson Betty Goulding
Shirley Audrey Foss
Peter John Meikle
Charles Robinson Aubrey French
Mrs Wilson Margaret Sutherland
Mr Wilson John Stapleton
Estelle Parker Dione Livingston
Joan Louise Berry
Michael Carraway Peter Grose
Produced by Aubrey French
Stage Manager Alec Goulding
Assistant Stage Managers Reg Viveash and Elisabeth Taylor
Lighting by Michael Hulatt
Wardrobe Mistress Kay Meux
Call Girl Ann Way
The Scene designed and constructed by Leonard Meux with the assistance of Kay Meux, Nancy Perratt, John Morgan, A Westcott, G A Gray, Stanley Perratt, John Lock, Alan Carnes, Paul Young and John Dowell