An Italian Straw Hat, by Eugene LaBiche and Marc-Michel,
adapted by Thomas Walton

The Corfield Hall, Taunton, 7th - 10th January, 1959
Virginia, Mme Beaujolais' maid Margaret MacFarlane
Felix, Fadinard's valet David Greet
Vezinet, Helen's deaf uncle John Agrell
Fadinard, the Bridegroom Joseph Boyce
Emile Tavernier, Captain of Zouaves Arthur Moorhouse
Annette, Mme Beaujolais Joan Markham
Nonancourt, the Bride's father, a nursery gardener Norman Hyland
Helen, the Bride Priscilla Lansdown
Boby, the Bride's cousin Nigel Thorn
Clara, a milliner Audrey Angell
Tardiveau, Clara's cashier Sidney Headley
Midinettes Elizabeth Wilkins and Pat Hayman
La Comtesse de Champigny, a society hostess Beatrice Darby
Achille de Rosalba, the Countess's cousin Gerald Holding
A footman Alistair Finlinson
La Duchesse de Chateau Gaillard Pat Rowan
Le Duc de Chateau Gaillard William Sleep
Mlle Ondine de Chateau LaPompe Esther Rogers
Clotilde, the Comtess's maid Eileen Agrell
M Beaujolais, Annette's husband Keith Jary
Corporal of the National Guard Alistair Finlinson
Guard William Sleep
Wedding Guests Eileen Agrell, Stephanie Robinson, Pat Tytherleigh, Rannie Renacre, Gillian Foyle, Dorothy Morris
Producer Leonard Green
Stage Manager John Emmett
Scenic Designer George Clark
Assistant Stage Manager Phyllis Brown
Lighting Ian Marfell and Roger Channing
Wardrobe Mistresses Gwen Wilkins and Alma Thomas
Assisted by Pat Attrill, Jacqueline Jary and Gladys Ridley
Properties Rannie Renacre, Angela Fraser, Pat Rowan and Adelaide Skinner
Piano Accompaniment Kathleen Marfell
Accordionist Alex Livingston
Midinettes' Dance arranged by Marjorie Newman
Call Girls Pauline and Hilary Betty
Scenery Construction and Stage Staff George Clark, Iris Coles, John Lock, John Tytherleigh, Michael Dehn,
Annette Miller, Derek Wheal, Phyllis Peel Corbin, Jean Moorhouse and Ann Moorehouse
Front of House & Acknowledgements
Stewards Directed by James Weaver
Programme Sellers Directed by Alma Thomas