Anastasia by Marcelle Maurette

Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre 23rd – 27th May 1978
Boris Chernov, an ex-banker Patrick Sanders
Piotr Petrovsky, an artist Eric Coombes
Counsellor Drivinitz Ken Stark
Irena, the housekeeper Nila Snazell
Prince Bounine David Hughes
Sergei, the manservant James Matthews
Anna Broun Avril Ross
A Charwoman Audrey Angell
A Sleigh Driver Dennis Holman
Dr. Michall Syrensky Stuart Symonds
The Dowager Empress of Russia Phyliss Baker
Baroness Livenbaum, lady-in-waiting Betty Osmond
Prince Paul Ian Ritchie
Directed by Pat Dawson
Designed by Stephen Line
Lighting Martyn Trott & Ian Marfell
Stage Manager Peter Faram
Deputy Stage Manager Thelma Wander
Assistant Stage Manager Betty Holmes
Costumes by the Thespians Wardrobe Department, under the direction of: Gwen Wilkins with Lynda Symonds
Properties by Pearl Churchill and Bob Corrick
Set built and painted by Stephen Line, Judith Line & Patrick Sanders
Sound John Reynolds
Cover Illustration Robin  Bush
Jewelry and candlesticks by courtesy of Jeremiah’s Home & Gift Centre
Throne & Chandelier from Bristol Old Vic
Furniture from Howard Wander Antiques
Flower Stands from St. Mary’s Church
for Taunton Thespians
Publicity Ray Stokes
Box Office Ted & Elsie Goldsmith
Programme Robin Bush
for Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre
Manager & Licensee Christopher C. Durham
Resident Stage Manager Charles Evans

The theatre is staffed by volunteers: members of the Arts Centre and Theatre Association (ACTA)