And Then There Were None
Agatha Christie

Brewhouse Theatre Tues 7th to Sat 11th November 2017
Rogers Des Pollard
Narracot Andy Busby
Mrs Rogers Anne Dowsey
Vera Claythorne Clare Fidler
Captain Philip Lombard Alastair MacLeod
Anthony Marston Jack Ward
William Blore maat ward
General John Mackenzie John Burbery
Emily Brent Jane Edwards
Sir Lawrence Wargrave Rob Smith
Dr Armstrong Lorna Evans
Director Michael Gilbert
Producer Jane Edwards
Stage Manager Torie Meredith
Asst Stage Manager Lizzie Knighton
DSM Rebecca Beard
Black Gang Peter Meredith
Lighting & Sound Design Graham Reeks
ASM Sound & Lighting Conor Gilbert
Wardrobe Rose Humphreys
Assistant Wardrobe Pat Collins
ASM Props / décor Sue Meredith
Assistant Props Lorna Evans
Make-up Jane Busby
Set Design / Build Michael Gilbert
Set Build / Décor Des Pollard
Set Build Mark Dawson
Set Painting Members of TT
Prompt Tim Knowles
Publicity Nicola Dawson
FOH Manager Andrew Williams
Van Driver Des Pollard
Artwork & Design Peter McGuire