Arms and the Man by Bernard Shaw

Memorial Hall, Taunton School, 16th – 18th September, 1943
One of the programmes from this difficult year contains the following paragraph which is of interest: “The Thespians In Wartime – To meet the real demand for plays in the town, (the Taunton Thespians) are increasing the number of their productions and perform at other times of the year, in smaller halls, but with the same care and finish. Just as valuable are the tours of military camps, aerodromes and hospitals, which follow their public performances... To carry out this extensive programme means much effort and the sacrifice of hard-earned leisure, but the appreciation which the Thespians meet on all sides is ample reward.” Outreach indeed.
Raina Petkoff Dione Livingston
Catharine Petkoff Barbara Spencer
Louka Madeleine Shore
Captain Bluntschli Charles Kent-Francis
Russian Officer Philip Locke
Nicola E Hamilton-Wood
Major Paul Petkoff Robert Young
Major Sergius Saranoff Richard Robinson
Produced by John Wilkins
Stage Manager Eve Phillips
Assistant Stage Managers Raymond Porter and Clement Bloomfield
Lighting Richard Taylor
Wardrobe Mistress Kay Meux
Costumes by Charles H Fox
At the Piano Mrs H Westlake