As You Like It,
By William Shakespeare

Summer Tour, 15th - 26th June 2010
Duke Frederick, Duke Senior's younger brother and his usurper, Celia's father Ron Roberts
Rosalind, Duke Senior's daughter Katherine Stone
Celia, Duke Frederick's daughter and Rosalind's cousin Abi Vickery
Touchstone, a court fool Matt Webber
Le Beau, a courtier Jane Edwards
Charles, a wrestler Dan Canning
Duke Senior, Duke Frederick's older brother and Rosalind's father Arthur Cummins
Jaques, a discontented, melancholy lord Mike Leach
Amiens, an attending lord and musician Tony Leach
Oliver, the eldest son & heir of the late Sir Roland de Boys Alan Philpott
Orlando, youngest son of the deceased Sir Roland de Boys Charlie Dorr
Adam, a faithful old servant who follows Orlando into exile John Burbery
Phoebe, a shepherdess Karen Kerslake
Sylvius, a shepherd Michael Gilbert
Audrey, a country girl Annette Balaam
Corin, an elderly shepherd Mark Dawson
William, a country man Josh Cooper
Jacques de Boys Chris Osborne
Director Ray Court
Producer & Tour Manager Mark Dawson
Asst Producer Ron Roberts
Business Manager Tony Beaven
Finance Manager Jacqueline Roberts
Publicity Rene Kilner, Ron Roberts, Jane Edwards, Michael Gilbert
Publicity design Michael Gilbert
Stage Managers Mark Dawson & Michael Gilbert
Sound & Lighting Dan Jones
Props Carrie Vaughan, Sylvia Fellgett
Costume Kirsten Whyte, Charlotte Briggs, Jane Burt, Alison Jenkinson
Prompt Cynthia Jones
Front Of House Martin Jevon
Van Driver Dan Jones
Minibus Driver Mark Dawson
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