Becket, by Jean Anouilh

Corfield Hall, Taunton, 16th - 20th October 1973
King Henry II David Lea
Thomas Becket Robin Bush
Bishop of London David Andrews
Bishop of Oxford John Reynolds
Archbishop of Canterbury Patrick Sanders
Bishop of York Ray Stokes
First Baron Edward (Ted) Goldsmith
Second Baron Eric Coombes
Third Baron John Reynolds
Fourth Baron David Hughes
Pope Patrick Sanders
King Louis of France Colin Garland
Queen Mother Eileen Agrell
Young Queen Rosemary Allsworth
Gwendolyn Hilary Marshall
French Girl Stephanie Roberts
Saxon Girl Gillian Woodroffe
Cardinal & Monk Tom Manns
French Priest, French Baron and Monk Mike Roberts
Little Monk Howard Wander
Servant & Monk John Darlington
Soldier & French Baron Ian MacInally
Soldier, Saxon Father & Monk Mike Hawkins
Servant & Page Ray Stokes
Princes Matthew French and Jo Allsworth
Page & Choirboy Andrew Rogers
Page & Saxon Boy Martin Dawson
Monk Patrick Sanders
Directed by Elsie Goldsmith
Settings Edward (Ted) Goldsmith
Stage Manager Peter Faram
Lighting Ian Marfell
Assistant Stage Managers Susan Berry & Barbara Gulliford
Sound effects Paul Betty,
Hair Stylist Jenny Luckes
Properties Yvonne Kershaw, John Darlington, Hilary Smith
Costumes Elsie Goldsmith
Costume Assistants Betty Holmes, Susan Berry, Susan Jones, Margaret Bartlett, Eileen Emmett and June Midgeley
Scenic Assistants John Darlington, Bill Allsworth and John Lock
Front of House & Acknowledgements
House Manager John Howe
Programmes Noreen Marfell
Box Office William & Vera Rich
Coffee Betty Lea and Marjorie Balman