Blithe Spirit by Noël Coward

Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, Taunton, March 1989
Edith Vivienne Sharland
Ruth Jean Tillotson
Charles John Reynolds
Dr Bradman Harry Sheridan
Madam Arcati Florence Evans
Elvira Jennie Western
Director Elsie Goldsmith
Stage Manager Ian Ritchie
Deputy Stage Manager Edward (Ted) Goldsmith
Assistant Stage Managers John Burbery & Thelma Wander
Lighting Michael Barry
Sound Heather Smith & Jim Titley
Set Design Edward (Ted) Goldsmith
Set Construction Edward (Ted) Goldsmith, George Lashbrook & John Morris
Publicity Harry Sheridan
Props Freda Storey
Wardrobe Carolyn Free
Backstage Assistants Peter Gange & Pat Hudson
For Programme Cover design Doreen Lewis-Smith
For billboard artwork Kit Morley
For erecting billboards John Burbery
For allowing us to advertise this production on their premises Bristol & West Building Society
For loan of model Hatchers