Carpet Slippers by W A Darlington

St Andrew’s Hall, Taunton, December 17th – 23rd 1947.
Mrs Penny Molly Golsworthy
Ellen Jill Drowley
Agatha Granger Joan Broad
Oswald Cooke Leslie Hender
Anne, his daughter Priscilla Lansdown
Tony Bill Ridley
Edmund Granger John Hargreaves
Zuleika Margaret Way
Slave Girl Audrey Serle
Sheikh Abd-Al-Aziz James Archard
Fatima Betty Goulding
Arabs John Thornhill, Alex Yandall, Alec Goulding
Dancers Dolly Webber, Gill Key, Jean Bulgin, Jill Drowley
Produced by Sydney Mearing
Stage Manager James Golsworthy
Properties Elisabeth Taylor and Lilian Hender
Wardrobe Mistress Ella House
Lighting by Fred Wrigley, Bob Jory and Michael Hulatt
Stage Staff John Lock, George Gray, W R Morgan, H Jenkins, Alec Goulding, Paul Young, Alex Yandall, John Thornhill, directed by W A Westcott
Sound Equipment operated by John Skinner
Stewards under the direction of Mr W A Trump
Programme Sellers directed by Mrs Alma Thomas
Box Office Manager Mr C A P Sapsford