Full House by Ivor Novello

Memorial Hall, Taunton School, 24th – 25th January, 1941
Lola Leadenhall Nan MacLean
Maud Mary Samson
Frynne Rodney Kathleen Marfell
John Leslie Rogers
Archie Leadenhall Percy Olds
Lady April Hannington Margaret Way
Charlie Robert Young
Mr Rosenblatt Vernon Peters
Lord Hannington Leslie Hender
Detective Inspector Wilfred H Tyler
First Policeman John Wilkins
Second Policeman Derek Hender
Produced by Doris Barber
Stage Manager Leonard Meux
Properties under the direction of A J Cameron
Scenery designed and painted by Leonard Meux
Assisted by Kay Meux, S R Perratt, Nancy Perratt, Marian Hartley and A Richardson
Musical Interludes by A E Temple