Great Expectations adapted by Sir Alec Guinness
from the novel by  Charles Dickens

Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton, 24th – 28th November 1987
Pip as a boy Miles Smith
Pip as a young man William Gulliford
The Man in the Graveyard Edward Goldsmith
Joe Gargery John Burbery
Mrs Joe Gargery Beryl Morris
Mr Wopsie Tom Hull
Mr Pumblechook Peter Gange
The Sergeant Jack Hull
Compeyson Michael Storey
Estella as a girl Victoria Chick
Estella as a young woman Jacqui Rockett
Mr Jaggers David Beach
Miss Haversham Elsie Goldsmith
Biddy Valerie Morris
Herbert Pocket Mark Cole
Clara Barley Jennie Western
River Policeman Tom Hull
Mrs Whimple Carol Burbery
Soldier Harold Chadwick
Directed by Patrick Sanders
Stage Director Bob Hudson
Deputy Stage Director Steve Keane
Stage Manager Janet Dodd
Deputy Stage Manager Thelma Wander
Properties Heather Smith, Caroline Howe, Pat Hudson, Jennie Western
Wardrobe Elsie Goldsmith
Wardrobe Assistants Carol Burbery, Margaret Sanders, Trisha Marney
Make-up Jack Hull
Black Gang Carol Burbery, Harold Chadwick, Peter Gange, Terry Hudson, George Lashbrook, Jacqui Rockett, Michael Storey, Jennie Western
Publicity John Morris, Iris Pearson
Set Design Patrick Sanders, Caroline Howe
Set Construction Patrick Sanders, George Lashbrook
Front of House or Acknowledgments
For designing the programme cover Doreen Lewis-Smith
For designing billboards Kit Morley
For erecting billboards George Lashbrook
Delmar Studios For cast and production photographs
Other kind people For loan of props