Hay Fever by Noël Coward

Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre 7th – 11th February 1978
Judith Bliss Eileen Emmett
David Bliss Peter Ball
Sorel Bliss Joanna Williams
Simon Bliss Howard Wander
Myra Arundel Hilary Marshall
Richard Greatham Christopher Pollard
Jackie Coryton Pippa Hailstone
Sandy Tyrell Stephen Daldry
Clara Thelma Wander
Directed by Elsie Goldsmith
Designed by Pat Sanders
Stage Managers Peter Faram & David Hughes
Lighting Martin Trott & Corinne Alexander
Set built and painted by Pat Sanders & Ted Goldsmith
Costumes designed and made by
Elsie Goldsmith
Assisted by Margaret Sanders, Betty Holmes, Sandra Dauben, Mary Yandall
Sound by John Reynolds
Properties Pearl Churchill  & Bob Corrick
Assistant Stage Manager Pat Dawson
Company Secretary Robin Bush
Front of House or Acknowledgments
For piano Mr. P. R. Knott
For Furniture Langfords of East Reach
For the Taunton Thespians
Publicity Ray Stokes
Box Office Ted & Elsie Goldsmith
Programme Robin Bush
For the Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre
Manager & Licensee Christopher C. Durham
Theatre Trainee Charles Evans
The theatre is staffed by volunteers; members of the Arts Centre and Theatre Association (ACTA).