Hobson's Choice by Harold Brighouse

Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, Taunton, 9th – 13th March 1993
Alice Hobson Rosemary Tait
Vickey Hobson Tessa Clarke
Maggie Hobson Pamela Wall
Albert Prosser Michael Gilbert
Henry Horatio Hobson Andrew Miller
Mrs. Hepworth Florence Evans
Timothy 'Tubby' Wadlow John Burbery
William Mossop Fred Downes
Jim Heeler Peter Ball
Ada Figgins Jane Leakey
Fred Beanstock Mark Dawson
Dr. MacFarlane Ken Stark
Directed by Pat Hudson
Stage Manager Thelma Wander
Set Design/Construction George Lashbrook, Pat Hudson & Sam Dawson
Back Stage Black Gang Harry Sheridan, George Stark, Malcolm Evans and John Morris
Lighting Design Alison Hall
Wardrobe Pat Hudson & Heather Kimmins
Props Wendy Stark, Thelma Wander, Lesley Downes and Kathy Chanter
Make-Up Jack Hull
Continuity Pearl Churchill
Publicity Michael Speirs
For technical assistance and loan of props Coombs
For their kind assistance Clarks Shoes Ltd
For loan of furniture Selwood Antiques
For Publicity and Programme Photography Barrie Palmer
For erection of Billboards John Burbery