How The Other Half Loves by Alan Ayckbourn

Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, Taunton, 25th – 29th September 1979
Frank Foster Dennis Holman
Fiona Foster Jacqueline Mann
Bob Phillips Peter Ross
Terry Phillips Freda Storey
William Featherstone Courtney Spence
Mary Featherstone Sue Andrews
Directed by John Reynolds
Stage Manager Jill Salter
Assistant Stage Manager Joan Farbus
Set Design Ann Gray
Set Construction Roger & Thirza Ashelford, John Stephens
Set Painting Ann Gray, Sally Storey, Carol White
Lighting Pauline Goldsworthy
Sound Mark Wallace
Properties Louise Paull, Kathy Lashbrook, Nila Snazell, Louise Farbus
Wardrobe Freda Morley, Pam McInally
Production assistants George Lashbrook,Mary Yandall
Front of House or Acknowledgments
For items of furniture and lighting for the Fosters Debenhams Ltd
For table settings and properties Timothy Whites Ltd
For music centre and radio Rumbelows Ltd.
For telephones The Post Office
For Programme Cover illustration Doreen Lewis-Smith
For the Taunton Thespians
Box Office Ted & Elsie Goldsmith
For the Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre
Manager and Licensee Christopher C. Durham
Resident Stage Manager Charles Evans

This theatre is staffed by volunteers: members of the Arts Centre and Theatre Association