Look Out for the Catch by Jean McConnell

Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, Taunton, 15th – 19th September 1987
Dick Pengelley John Burbery
Polly Pengelley Rose Fisher
Jem Burden Patrick Sanders
Sarah Trowt Elsie Goldsmith
Petrock Pook Edward Goldsmith
Alfred Hepworth Anthony Brown
Dr Volumina Clifford Valerie Morris
MaiseyTheresa Clarke
Tellam Mabley Harry Sheridan
Directed by Tom Hull
Stage Manager Bob Hudson
Deputy Stage Manager Steve Keane
Assistant Stage Managers Pat Hudson, Betty Donald
Sound Technician Bob Hudson
Lighting Janet Dodd
Properties Heather Smith, Jennie Western
Set Design Edward Goldsmith
Set Construction Patrick Sanders, Edward Goldsmith, George Lashbrook
Make-up Jack Hull
Wardrobe Edward Goldsmith
Publicity John Morris, Iris Pearson, Howard Wander
For designing programme cover artwork Doreen Lewis-Smith
For hand designed publicity posters Bernard Gay
For erecting publicity billboards George Lashbrook
For cast and production photographs Delmar Studios
For loan of properties Co-operative Retail Services