Meet Me By Moonlight, by Anthony Lesser

The Corfield Hall, Taunton, January 11th - 14th, 1961
Henry Mansfield, Solicitor Percy Olds
Aunt Tabitha, his sister Doris Martin
Mary Ellen, his eldest daughter Brenda Polley
Sara, his second daughter Janice Rugg
Alice, his third daughter Frances Hartnell
Charles Cuttinghame, his friend Gerald Holding
Roderick Dashe, from Australia Arthur Peters
Perkins, the Butler Nigel Thorn
Smith, the Housemaid Carole Sansom
Producer Annette Miller
Stage Manager Sydney Mearing
Lighting Leslie Morris
The Ladies' Costumes Gwen Wilkins, Elsie Goldsmith
Properties Pearl Churchill
At the Pianoforte Elizabeth Taylor
Call Girls Marion Watts and Suzanne Lea
Scenery and Effects Sidney Banks, Stephen Wilkins,
Frederick Miller
Prompt Vera Rich