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The Merry Wives of Windsor
by William Shakespeare

Summer Tour, 25th June - 6th July 2013, All over Somerset
Sir John Falstaff, an impecunious gourmand  Maat Ward                 
Bardolph, an old crony of Falstaff  Pauline Tilley          
Pistol, a younger crony     Lizzie Knighton 
Nym, another crony and Corporal Adam Smith                          
Robin, page to Falstaff Catherine Vicarage
Master Ford, a yeoman of Windsor Mike Leach
Mistress Ford, wife to Master Ford Alison Haines              
Master Page, another yeoman of Windsor Andrew Williams
Mistress Page, his wife Nicola Dawson  
Anne Page, daughter to Page             Katherine Stone
William Page, a Boy, Son to Page  Catherine Vicarage      
Sir Hugh Evans, a Welsh Parson     Brian Lewis     
Doctor Caius, a French Physician                 Graham Kelly
Rugby, a Servant to Doctor Caius                  Reece Baker
Mistress Quickly, Servant to Doctor Caius     Lucy Monaghan
Shallow, a Country Justice                           Duncan Wright
Slender, Cousin to Shallow                          Neil Wilson
Simple, Servant to Slender                           Cassidy Bryant
Fenton, a young Gentleman                         Adam Smith
The Host of the Garter Inn                          Alan Philpott
A Minstrel Hamish Barclay
Directors Jane Edwards & Michael Gilbert
Production Secretary Rachel Buttell
Producer  Rene Kilner
Stage Manager  Gordon Robertson
Stage crew Krzysztof Siejka
Wardrobe  Rose Humphreys
Herne’s Horns  Dona Bullion
Lighting Design & Operator  Will Bower
Props Swannie
Set concept Jane Edwards & Michael Gilbert
Set realisation  Mark Dawson, Krzysztof Siejka, Di Rawle, Michael Gilbert, Conor Gilbert
Rehearsal Prompt  Sylvia Fellgett
Tour Prompt  Jane Edwards and Rene Kilner
Hair & Make-up  Abbey Hathaway
Box Office  Jacqueline Roberts
Van drivers  Phil Bower & Michael Gilbert
Chaperone  Emma Vicarage
Publicity & Programme design Michael Gilbert
Publicity Team  Nicola Dawson, Jane Edwards, Michael Gilbert, Rene Kilner, Lizzie Knighton, Ron Roberts
Being there  Rob Smith & Leigh Whiting
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