Murder in the Cathedral by T.S.Eliot

  The Churches of St John, St Michael
and St Mary Magdalene December 2002
Archbishop Thomas Becket Ron Roberts
First Tempter/Knight Stuart Lyddon
Second Tempter/Knight Clive Linthorne
Third Tempter/Knight Neil Morgan
Fourth Tempter/Knight Adrian Lynch
First Priest Tony Venn
Second Priest Arthur Cummins
Third Priest Jason Carter
Messenger Mark Dawson
First Acolyte Ray Court
Second Acolyte John Burbery
Third Acolyte Rob Smith
Fourth Acolyte Mark Bond
Women of Canterbury Cynthia Jones, Jacqueline Roberts, Sandra Young,
Lynn Henden, Suzanne Wynn-Jones,
Mary Atkin, Nicola Dawson
Director Ron Roberts
Assistant Director Phillip Clayton-Gore
Lighting Design Martin Peters
Stage Manager Matt Redstone
ASM Lighting Martin Peters
ASM Sound Mark Dawson
ASM Costumes Jacqueline Roberts
Producer Ron Roberts
Production secretary Sandra Young
Continuity Joy Reason
Publicity team Nicola Dawson & Lynn Henden