Off the Record by Ian Hay and Stephen King-Hall

Corfield Hall, Taunton, 7th – 12th January, 1952.
A Chambermaid Sheila Olds
Tom D’Arcy, MP Ronald Bellew
Lieut.- Commander Peter Fraser, RN George French
Wardroom Steward John Dowell
Susan Lashwood Priscilla Lansdown
Lieut. Lashwood, RN (her brother) John Dorse
Sub-Lieut. Dobson, RN Alec Stewart
Admiral Sir Maximilian Godfrey, KCB Robert Wornell
Lieut. The Hon. Willy Aughton-Formby, RN
(his Flag Lieutenant)
Bill Ridley
Jane Godfrey (his daughter) Mary Young
Chief Steward at Admiralty House Paul Young
Sir Henry Tompkinson, MP John Dykes
Produced by Percy Olds
Scenic Designer Harry Fry
Stage Manager Leslie Hender
Assistant Stage Manager Marjorie Galloway
Properties Adelaide Skinner and Beryl Hunt
Wardrobe Mistress Barbara Finch
Sound Effects Hilda Chapman and Sheila Olds
The Scenery constructed and painted by Eric Broad, Fred Cridlin, Ben Fisher, John Lock, Sydney Mearing, Arthur Newton, Eddie Pain, Vera Rich, E Taylor, W A Westcott, J Wilkins
Stage Staff Audrey Hellier, Hilda Fry, Jim Archard, P Coombs, John Lock, Eddie Pain, Jerome Styles, Ashplant Westcott
Stewards under the direction of Walter Trump
Programme sellers directed by Alma Thomas
Press Representative Ernest Sandford