People Who Live in Boxes, by Les Clarke

Sylvia Fellgett won Best Director and Dona Bullion Best Actress at the Somerset Fellowship of Drama Original Playwriting Festival.
Winner of County Shield and Cely Trevillian Cup at the County Drama Festival
Winner of Divisional Final of AETF
SFD Original Playwriting Festival, Little Theatre, Wells, 24th February 2007
SFD County Drama Festival, East Bridgwater Community School, 10th March 2007
Divisional Final, AETF, Princes Hall, Clevedon, 21st April 2007
Western Area Final AETF, Strode Theatre, Street, 19th May 2007
Joe Rob Smith
Becks Viv Sharland
Jenny Dona Bullion
Martin Michael Gilbert
Director Sylvia Fellgett
Stage Manager, Producer Michael Gilbert
Sound & Lights Dan Jones
Set Design & Construction Sylvia Fellgett, Michael Gilbert,
Conor Gilbert, Siân Gilbert,
Dona Bullion
Prompt Joy Reason