Queen Elizabeth Slept Here, by Talbot Rothwell

Corfield Hall, Taunton 4th – 9th January, 1954
Mr Kimber Aubrey French
Nora Fuller Margaret Owens
Michael Fuller Kenneth Stalker
Madge Fuller Patricia Shand
Steve Hadlett Colin Durham
Katie Jill Drowley
Mrs Douglas Alma Thomas
Clayton Shaw Arthur Moorhouse
Rita Leslie Sylvia England
Hester Beryl Hunt
Raymond Julian Nixon
Colonel Prescott Bernard Lloyd
Uncle Stanley Raymond Crook
Producer Paul Young
Stage Manager Neil Trood
Assistant Stage Managers Leonard Thomas and Peter Coombs
Scenery Design Paul Young
Property Mistress Beatrice Darby
Lighting Harding Jenkins and William Burchill
Sound Effects Joseph Bass and Jill Drowley
Wardrobe Mistress Sheila Durham
Call Girls Ann Goodliffe and Pat Wickens
Settings Constructed by Fred Cridlin, Ann Goodliffe, Beryl Hunt, Neil Trood, Pat Wickens
Stage Gang Chas. Adams, John Lock, Doris Martin, Ashplant Westcott, Derek Wheal
Stewards Directed by Walter Trump
Programme Sellers Directed by Ju Archard