Quiet Wedding by Esther McCracken

Memorial Hall, Taunton School, 7th and 9th January, 1943 at 2.30pm and 7.30pm.
Several honoured guests received a personalised wedding invitation. Gifts of 3/6, 2/6 and 1/- were invited to be left at Messrs. Smith’s Music Shop, High Street, ‘where suitable seating accommodation for guests will be reserved.’
Miranda Bute Sheila Webster
Florence Bute Madeleine Shore
Madame Mirelle Margaret Sutherland
Bella Wyn Fear
Mildred Royd Kathleen Marfell
Mary Jarrow Eva Phillips
Janet Royd Margaret Way
Arthur Royd Leslie Hender
Dallas Chaytor Percy Olds
Denys Royd Godfrey Brown
John Royd Jimmy Dunkley
Flower Lisle Dione Livingston
Marcia Brent Katharine Key
Jim Brent John Hargreaves
Mistress of the Ceremonies Doris Barber
Decorations Leonard Meux
Confetti A J Cameron
Fairy Lights A J Richardson and Peter Mitford
Bridal Gowns arranged by Kay Meux
Ushers Ralph Martin and Fred G Dowell
Matron of Honour Mrs David Smith
Bridesmaids Priscilla French, June Marshall, Margery Laws
Registrar John Wilkins
Wedding March and Other Music A E Temple