Reluctant Heroes, by Colin Morris

The Odeon Theatre, Taunton, 26th - 28th November, 1956
Morgan John Spear
Tone Gerald Holding
Sergeant Bell Kenneth Stalker
Gregory John Dorse
Sergeant Mackenzie Dennis Preece
Medical Orderly Fred Cridlin
Pat Thompson Beryl Hunt
Penny Raymond Mary Owen
Captain Percy Arthur Moorhouse
Gloria Dennis Priscilla Lansdown
Scots Soldier Roger Tutton
Producer Paul Young
Stage Director Fred Cridlin
Stage Manager Dennis Preece
Lighting Peter Coombs
Assisted by Peter Lines and Stephen Wilkins
Scenery designed by Fred Cridlin
Stage Staff and Scenery Construction Edward (Ted) Goldsmith, Fred Cridlin, John Lock, Keith Jary, John Wilkins, Charles Adams, Brian Thompson, Patricia Tytherleigh, Mary Owen and Noreen Preece
Properties Eve Taylor and Rannie Renacre
Music and Effects Esther Rogers
Wardrobe Iris Cole
Call Girls Sandra Trood and Jeanette Cridlin
Buglers (by kind permission of
the Temple Boys' Brigade)
A Clark and R Oaten
Stewards Directed by James Weaver
Programme Sellers Directed by Alma Thomas