Sabrina Fair, by Samuel Taylor

The Corfield Hall, Taunton, 23rd - 26th January, 1957
Maude Larrabee Laura Steel
Julia Ward McKincock Elsie Goldsmith
Linus Larrabee, Jr Michael Dehn
Linus Larrabee John Wilkins
Margaret Alma Thomas
David Larrabee Gerald Holding
Gretchen Larrabee Peggy Groves
Sabrina Fairchild Pricilla Lansdown
Tom Fairchild William Sleep
1st Young Woman Pamela Saunders
1st Young Man Peter Watts
2nd Young Woman Anna Roncaglia
2nd Young Man Roger Tutton
Paul D'Argenson Derek Wheal
Producer Doris Barber
Stage Manager Beatrice Darby
Setting designed by Edward (Ted) Goldsmith
Wardrobe Mistress Rannie Renacre
Properties Adelaide Skinner
Sound Effects Hilda Chapman
Scenery constructed by Edward (Ted) Goldsmith, Keith Jary, John Lock and Kenneth Stalker
"Maurice", the Cockatoo, kindly lent by Mr George Anderson
Stewards Directed by James Weaver
Programme Sellers Directed by Alma Thomas