Sailor Beware, by Philip King and Falkland Cary

The Odeon Theatre, Taunton, 26th – 28th October, 1959
Edie Hornett Eileen Agrell
Emma Hornett Catherine Greenhill
Mrs Lack Annette Miller
Henry Hornett Sidney Banks
Albert Tufnell, AB Graham Gemmell
Carnoustie Bligh, AB Joseph Boyce
Daphne Pink Priscilla Lansdown
Shirley Hornett Barbara Davey
The Reverend Oliver Purefoy Gerald Holding
Producer Doris Barber
Setting designed by Annette Miller
Stage Manager Elsie Goldsmith
Stage Director John Wilkins
Assistant Stage Manager Jonathan Cozens
Music David Greet
Lighting Ian Marfell and Roger Channing
Assisted by Pete Faram and Arthur Peters
Wardrobe Peggy Gwyther
Properties Dorothy Morris, Neil Turner
Scenery by Stephen Wilkins
Assisted by John Lock, William Sleep, Derek Wheal, Richard Earlam and Esther Rogers
Stage Staff Stephen Wilkins, John Lock, William Sleep, David Lea, Richard Earlam and Esther Rogers
Front of House Staff
Treasurer William Rich
Stewards Directed by James Weaver
Programmes Noreen Marfell
Box Office Phyllis Peel Corbin