Sailor Beware by Philip King & Falkland Cary

Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, Taunton, 1985
Edie Hornett Theresa Clarke
Emma Hornett Florence Evans
Mrs Lack Elsie Goldsmith
Henry Hornett Peter Gange
Albert Tufnell A.B. Richard Brown
Carnoustie Bligh  A.B. Alistair Snell
Daphne Pink Michele Russell
Shirley Hornett Simone Farbus
The Rev Oliver Purefoy Allen Broom
Directed by Joan Farbus
Stage Manager David Pollard
Assistant Stage Manager Vivian Spence
Set Design & Construction Patrick Sanders
Assisted by Edward (Ted) Goldsmith, George Lashbrook
Lighting Design Martin Costello
Lighting Operator Jason Parkes
Sound Andy Pearson
Properties Iris Pearson, CathyTunks
Wardrobe Carol Burbery, Elsie Goldsmith
Hair Stylist Peggy Groves
For designing programme artwork Doreen Lewis-Smith
For cast and production photographs Delmar Studios
For press photographs Alain Lockyer
For secretarial assistance Shirley Boobyer
For hand designed posters Bernard Gay
For erecting publicity billboards George Lashbrook
For designing & making bouquets Joan Farbus
For loan of put-u-up settee Mr. J. Middleton
For loan of surplise The Rev. E. Heathcote
For loan of wedding cake Paul’s Bakery
 - who have kindly loaned period ornaments etc . . . All Society Members -