Salad Days:
Book and lyrics by Dorothy Reynolds and Julian Slade,
music by Julian Slade

The Odeon Theatre, Taunton, 21st - 26th October, 1963
The Tramp Frederick Miller
Jane Frances Hartnell
Timothy Graham Gemmell
Dons Gerald Holding, David Lea, Reg Arberry, Nigel Thorn, Laura Steel, Pat Routley, Phyllis Brown, Catherine Greenhill
Timothy's Mother Pat Routley
Timothy's Father Reg Arberry
Aunt Prue Catherine Greenhill
Lady Raeburn Laura Steel
Heloise Kathleen Marfell
Assistant; Lady Pearl Churchill
Manicurist Marion Watts
PC Boot Arthur Peters
Rowena Elaine Brewer
The Bishop Reg Arberry
Troppo Roger Lea
A Butterfly Catcher Frederick Miller
An Artist Marion Watts
A Sunbather Christine Lodder
A Tennis Player Barbara Hutchings
Fosdyke Nigel Thorn
Sir Clamsby Williams Gerald Holding
Inspector Maurice Owens
Nigel David Lea
American Reg Arberry
Shopgirl Christine Lodder
Theatregoers Nigel Thorn, Barbara Hutchings
Manager Gerald Holding
Pianist Kenneth Butcher
Fiona Janice Rugg
Tom Smith Nigel Thorn
Waitress Marion Watts
Slave Reg Arberry
Arms Dancers Audrey Angell, Henry Adams
Augustine Williams Leslie Morris
Asphynxia Margaret Pullen
Pressmen Reg Arberry, Nigel Thorn, Gerald Holding
Ladies Phyllis Brown, Pearl Churchill, Vera Rich, Marion Watts
Ambrose James Glover
Marguerite Marion Watts
Anthea Kathleen Marfell
Electrode Nigel Thorn
Uncle Zed Gerald Holding
Producer John Wilkins
Settings Grace Dickie
Music directed by Elisabeth Taylor
Assistant Musical Director Gerard Trevett
Dances arranged by Eileen Angell
Stage Director Sydney Banks
Assistant Stage Director Edward (Ted) Goldsmith
Stage Manager Peter Faram
Assistant Stage Manager David Saunders
Lighting Ian Marfell
Wardrobe Mistress Elsie Goldsmith
Wardrobe Assistants Gwen Wilkins, Edna Field, Phyllis Challenger
Properties Margo Jones and Mollie Parffrey
Sound Equipment Ewart Evans and Jack Naylor
Scenic Assistants Arthur Parffrey, John Lock, Harry Dickie, Mansell Morgan, Jonathan Cozens, Wendy Griffin
Additional Stage Staff David Edwards, Graham Banks, Michael Turner, Michael Newton, Robin Hallett, David Lea, John Snedden, David Andrews
Front of House & Acknowledgements
Stewards Directed by Stuart Marfell
Programme Sellers Directed by Noreen Marfell
Box Office Vera Rich and Phyllis Peel Corbin