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The Servant of Two Masters, by Carlo Goldoni, translated by Dorothy Louise

Summer Tour, 14th – 25th June 2011
Pantalone, a miserly merchant Ron Roberts
Clarice, his beautiful daughter Sarah Twomey
Smeraldina, her love-hungry maid Hayley Watson
Dr Lombardi, a lawyer and windbag Arthur Cummins
Silvio, his noble son Chris Key
Brighella, the best cook in town Jane Edwards
Truffaldino, the hungriest man in the world Matt Webber
Beatrice, a lady with a mission Abi Vickery
Florindo, a nobleman of Turin John Skittrell
The Porter, underpaid and overworked Kaiih Clarke
Pandora, an efficient waitress Nikki Court
Nora, a less efficient waitress Pauline Tilley
Director Michael Gilbert
Producer Mark Dawson
Musical Direction and Original Music Tony Leach
Site Managers Ray Court, Keith Gibbons, Mike Leach
ASMs Nicola Dawson & Di Rawle
Set Build Mark Dawson
Prompt Jacqueline Roberts
Fight Arranger Stuart Lyddon
Recorder, Guitar Tony Leach
Oboe Jane Edwards
Mandolin John Skittrell
Guitar Matt Webber
Ukelele Nicola Dawson
Percussion Sarah Twomey, Hayley Watson
FOH Members of Taunton Thespians
Business Manager Karen Kerslake
Publicity & Programme Design Michael Gilbert
Publicity Team Ron Roberts, Nicola Dawson, Jane Edwards, Rene Kilner, Carrie Vaughan
Photos Mark Dawson

Pictures 1 - Rehearsals

Pictures 2 - Cleve Hotel

Pictures 3 - Mount Somerset Hotel

Pictures 4 - Muchelney Abbey

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