Shall We Join The Ladies? by J M Barrie

Odeon Theatre, Taunton, October 25th - 30th, 1948.
This is the first act of an unfinished play written by J M Barrie. It was performed as a curtain raiser to Ambrose Applejohn’s Adventure in 1930, and performs the same function here in 1948, as part of the Taunton Thespians’ 21st birthday celebrations, showing before The Shop at Sly Corner. Notably, John Wilkins directed both productions, and Aubrey French took the role of Sir Joseph in both shows, too.
Host Leslie Hender
Lady Jane Wraye Patricia Armstrong
Lady Wrathie Hilda Fry
Sir Joseph Wrathie Aubrey French
Mr Preen John Went
Mrs Preen Katherine Key
Miss Vaile Gillian Key
Mr Vaile Bill Ridley
Mrs Bland Betty Goulding
Mr Gourlay Bobbie Dodd
Captain Jennings Geoffrey Smith
Mrs Castro Madeleine Shore
Miss Isit Audrey Foss
Maid Sylvia England
Dolphin Sydney Mearing
Produced by John Wilkins