Taking Steps by Alan Ayckbourn

The Somerset County Gazette's preview is available for download here. This is a PDF file, and quite big. Not for dial-up users.
Elizabeth, would-be dancer Alison Jenkinson
Mark, her brother Andrew Miller
Tristram, junior solicitor Adrian Lynch
Roland, Elizabeth's husband Arthur Cummins
Leslie, a builder Ray Court
Kitty, Mark's fiancée Abigail Vickery
Director Ron Roberts
Stage Manager Tony Beaven
DSM Sandra Young
Lighting Design Sebastian Petit
Lighting Operation Mark Johnson
Sound Design Martin Peters
Sound Operation Verity Martindill
Set Design Ray Court
Set Construction Ray Court, Tony Beaven, Bill Kingdon, Brendan Court, Di Rawle, Julie Beaven
Wardrobe Jane Burt, Jane Dyer, Lynn Henden
Props & Stage Dressing Polly Bray, Jane Burt, Di Rawle
Front of House
Publicity Ron Roberts, Jane Edwards, Abigail Vickery, Nicola Dawson
Producer Tony Venn
Production Secretary Jacqueline Roberts