Actor The Pilgrims Wife of Bath's Tale Miller's Tale Reeve's Tale Nun's Priest's Tale
Andy Busby The Reeve Acrimonia Old John the Carpenter   Chanticleer
Ben Jordan The Nun's Priest   Absalon Alan the Student  
Des Pollard The Miller Inertia     Russel the Fox
Dona Bullion   Ragnell Jill the Maid 2nd Bedder 4th Hen
Jack Ward The Pardoner   Nick John the Student  
Jane Busby Nun 3 Maiden's Mother & Contumelia      3rd Hen
Karen Bolton Nun 1 Invydia Crowd 2   Pertelote
Lorna Evans   Guinevere   1st Bedder 2nd Hen
Lyndsey Cran The Wife of Bath   Alison   5th Hen
Michael Gilbert The Host Avaricia Gevase   Villager 3
Natasha Carter   Maiden   Molly 6th Hen
Peter McGuire The Companion Arthur Crowd 3    
Peter Meredith   Sir Gawaine   Sim the Swagger Villager 1
Rebecca Beard Nun 2 1st Lady & Lascivia   Miller's Wife 7th Hen
Torie Meredith   Voracita Crowd 1   Villager 2
Jane Edwards Director & Front of House Manager
Nicola Dawson Director & Publicity Manager
Vin  Cunningham Producer  &  Box  Office  Manager
Michael Gilbert  Tour Manager, Van Driver, Set Construction
Gibby Swaine Musical Director
John Cunningham Lighting
Peter Chidzey Lighting
Des Pollard Minibus Driver, Set Construction
Marigold Gorick Set Painting
Rose Humphreys Wardrobe (throughout)
Dona Bullion Wardrobe (animal costumes)
Torie Meredith Hair, Make-up & Wardrobe
Lorna Evans Properties
Rebecca Beard Properties Assistant
Rene Kilner Prompt
Peter McGuire Programme & Graphic Design
Lorna Evans Cast Welfare
Paul Smethurst Box Office Assistant
Mark Dawson Photos
Rhiannon Eagle  Work Experience Student, Kingsmead School 
Publicity Team Rene Kilner, Gaynor Lewis, Ron Roberts, Sue Meredith, Martin Jevon
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