The Applecart, by Bernard Shaw

The Corfield Hall, Taunton, 9th - 12th March, 1955
Pamphilius, one of the King's
Private Secretaries
Eric Power
Sempronius, one of the King's
Private Secretaries
Robert Hicks
President of the Board of Trade
Kenneth Stalker
King Magnus Kenneth Galloway
Princess Alice Julia Thomas
Balbus, Home Secretary Derek Wheal
Nicobar, Foreign Secretary Sydney Mearing
Crassus, Colonial Secretary Aubrey French
Pliny, Chancellor of the Exchequer William Sleep
Proteus, Prime Minister Alex Yandall
Lysistrata, Power Mistress Rosemary Labbett
Amanda, Post Mistress Laura Steel
Orinthia Dione Willougbby
The Queen Alma Thomas
Mr Vanhattan, American Ambassador Alec Goulding
Producer Kathleen Marfell
Scenic Designer Leonard Meux
Stage Director Fred Cridlin
Stage Manager Marjorie Galloway
Assistant Stage Manager Esther Rogers
Property Mistresses Iris Coles and Janet Wilkins
Ladies' Costumes made by Pat Attrill, Phyllis Peel Corbin, Elsie Goldsmith, Alma Thomas, Gwen Wilkins
Sound Operator Eve Taylor
Lighting Peter Coombs and Joseph Bass
Call Girl Janette Cridlin
Scenic Assistants and Stage Gang Eric Broad, Kay Meux, Mary Oldrey, Vera Rich, Pamela Sharp, Ted Snell, Lewis Thomas, John Wilkins
Stewards Directed by James Weaver
Programme Sellers Directed by Joan Broad