The Barretts of Wimpole Street by Rudolph Besier

Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, Taunton, 19th – 23rd November 1991
Doctor Chambers Edward (Ted) Goldsmith
Elizabeth Moulton-Barrett Jennie Western
Wilson Jenny Atyeo
Henrietta Moulton- Barrett Elizabeth Browne
Arabel Moulton-Barrett Angela Widgery
Octavius Moulton-Barrett Fred Downes
Septimus Moulton-Barrett Mark Meredith
Alfred Moulton-Barrett Toby Gange-Harris
Charles Moulton-Barrett Steven Andrews
Henry Moulton-Barrett David Cockroft
George Moulton-Barrett Kevin Koditsch
Edward Moulton-Barrett Jack Hull
Bella Hedley Jo Back
Henry Bevan Howard Wander
Robert Browning Matthew Webber
Doctor Ford-Waterlow Tom Hull
Captain Surtees Cook Marcus Palmer
“Flush” “Martha”
Directed by Elsie Goldsmith
Stage Manager Edward (Ted) Goldsmith
Stage Direction Peter Gange
Asst. Stage Manager Beryl Morris
Lighting Ian Burrage
Sound Roger Mason
Properties Thelma Wander & Vanessa Wellington
Publicity Harry Sheridan
Wardrobe Dorothea Vick & Elsie Goldsmith
Set Design & Construction Edward (Ted) Goldsmith, Patrick Sanders & George Lashbrook
Front of House or Acknowledgments
For Programme Cover Design Doreen Lewis-Smith
For erecting Billboards John Burbery
For the appearance of “Martha” as “Flush” Ann Bartaby